Install JAVA on Linux

Install JAVA on Linux

How to Install JAVA 8 on Linux using the compiled source code? In this article, I’m going to show you how to install java 8 using the compiled source code on Redhat Linux, CentOS, and Fedora also the same steps. Extract the zip file inside the /opt/ directory using following command. Now …

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What is MySQL

What is MySQL?

What is MySQL, My is the daughter’s name of MySQL’s co-founder, Monty Widenius. The name of My/SQL is the combination of My and SQL, MySQL. What is mysql database MySQL is a DBMS (database management system) that allows you to manage RDBMS (relational databases). My/SQL is open-source Database software backed by Oracle. It means you …

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Schedule automatic tasks

How to Schedule automatic tasks to Shutdown or Restart PC?

Schedule automatic task to Shutdown or Restart PC Hello Friends in this article I’m going to discuss with you how to schedule automatic tasks on your PC so let’s start. Click on the start button and search task scheduler or press window + r then type taskschd.msc then hit enter, then click on create …

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