Manual Reinstate old Primary Using Flashback

Manual Reinstate old Primary Using Flashback

In this article, we will learn how to reinstate old primary using flashback (Oracle Data Guard). This is a lengthy task of rebuilding the corrupt or lost primary database, but with flashback technology, it is a very easy task now.

Steps to Reinstate old Primary Using Flashback in Oracle DataGuard


In Dataguard after reinstating the old Primary Database it will become a standby, once reinstating is completed then you can change the role. But Reinstate is possible if the flashback is enabled before failover otherwise you need to rebuild it again.

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Step 1: Check the Flashback status

Check whether the flashback is enabled or not on the current primary using the following command.



In my case you can see, my flashback is enabled.

Step 2: Check the SCN number on the current Primary

To perform reinstate we need the "standby_became_primary_scn" column value from the v$database view.

SQL> select to_char(standby_became_primary_scn) from v$database;


Now we have an SCN number from where the current database became a Primary Database.

Step 3: Start the old Primary till the mount

Start failed primary till the mount stage, remember don't open it.

SQL>startup mount

Step 4: Perform the Flashback on the old Primary

Now, it's time to perform a flashback with the above SCN number (which we check in step 2) using the below query.

SQL> flashback database to scn 3453881;

flashback complete.


During the flashback, if you get the Error "ORA-38743: Time/SCN is in the future of the database" then don't worry about it. This is a normal error.

ORA-38743 Solution:

Just startup opening your old primary database and then shutdown, as you can see in the below screenshot.

ora-38743 solution

Step 5: Convert old Primary to Standby

After the flashback, now we need to change the database role from Primary to standby.

SQL> Alter Database Convert To Physical Standby;

Database altered.

Step 6: Restart the Database and check

Finally, we have successfully reinstated the failed primary. In the last step take bounce the database then check and start the MRP process.

SQL> shu immediate
SQL> startup mount

Check the details:


Start the MRP process

Using the following command you can start the MRP process.

SQL> alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session;

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