Best 3 Ways to Convert DOC to PDF

DOC to PDF conversion is one of the most frequent types of document conversion used by millions of people. From everyday business use to personal agendas, understanding how to convert DOC to PDF starts with the right program.

What follows are two software conversion programs followed by an online-only version that are considered some of the best you can find on the web.

Foxit PhantomPDF

This all-in-one converter allows you to quickly convert files from DOC to PDF fast and easy. You simply download and install the software program and it’s ready to go. Simply select the document, enter PDF as the conversion of choice, and get started.

Foxit PhantomPDF also has different settings that you can use to edit your PDF file. Set margin size for documents that you import, add watermarks, and set sizes to conform with PDF standards. The software itself is quite similar to SodaPDF in many respects.

When downloaded, you can use the standard or business version for up to 14 days for free. However, after that you will need to pay $14.99 per month. Or, you can select the one-time downloadable version for $89, but you will not receive any updates.

If you convert, size, and edit PDF files regularly, then Foxit PhantomPDF may be just right for you. However, if you only need occasional conversion, then you might seek out another product.

Wondershare PDFElement

One of the most popular software programs to convert DOC to PDF, Wondershare PDFElement is known for its simplicity, ease of use, and intuitive design.

Understanding how to convert DOC to PDF in Wondershare is simple. You simply import the DOC or one of many other file types into the converter. Select single or batch conversion and get started. It does not have all the editing tools of a Foxit PhantomPDF software program, but it is sleeker and more intuitive to use.

The fast conversion speed, fast exporting, and intuitive layout makes Wondershare PDFElement a strong contender. However, on the downside it cannot change the compression of images or expert to XML which is a popular option.

The cost is $69 per year for the standard version. But if you want batch processing, you will need to pay $10 more for the Pro version. If you do a considerable amount of DOC to PDF conversions, then Wondershare PDFElement may be perfect for your needs.


Using 2pdf.com to convert DOC to PDF is one of the simplest, most straightforward methods online that can be used. Because you are using an online service, there is no software to download. Instead, you visit the 2pdf.com site and follow the instructions.

  • Select DOC, drag to page
  • Select PDF format for conversion
  • Choose Orientation and Page Size
  • Start.

The converted PDF file will be downloaded to your computer or device. Or, you can choose to export it to Google Drive or Dropbox instead. Remember that you can convert to many different formats apart from PDF. Just choose the one that you need.

Knowing how to convert DOC to PDF is simple, especially when using an online source such as 2pdf.com.

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