Crosscheck archive in rman

validation failed for archived

Crosscheck Archivelog all Validation failed for archived log

In this article, we are going to learn how to perform crosscheck for archives in the oracle database step by step. Validation failed for archived solution.

validation failed

Sometimes we face the error validation failed message during rman backup. Actually, we face the error because someone deletes or moved the archives from their location using the OS command. Or changes the archive location.


We can solve the above error by just executing the below commands.

$rman target/

RMAN>crosscheck archivelog all;
RMAN>delete expired archivelog all;

Or use the below script.

$rman target/

RMAN>run {
     allocate channel c1 device type disk;
     crosscheck archivelog all;
     delete noprompt expired archivelog all;
     release channel c1;

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