Oracle Network Environment

Oracle Network Environment is a method to configure the Server and Client machines. The client machine for any application that needs to connect the oracle database to send and receive data from the Oracle server. On the client, the machine needs to install only Oracle client software.

The Production server and client machine required a network service which is provided by Oracle Net. Oracle Net is responsible for establishing and maintaining the connection between the client application and the server, as well as exchanging messages between them.

Oracle Net service makes a connection for clients or all middle tire applications to the oracle server. After a network connection is established. The Oracle network work as a data courier for all the clients and server applications.

How to configure Oracle Network Environment?

To configure Oracle Network Environment just follow all the below steps carefully.

Important key points

  1. Production machine and Client machine must be ping to each other by network.
  2. TNS must be configured on production.
  3. Database must be in open mode.
  4. Listener must be started on production machine.
  5. Oracle client software must be installed on client machine.
  6. TNS service must be configured on client machine also.

Action on Production

Log in as a root user and set the IP address to your production machine and follow the same steps for your client machine also.


=> eth0 (eth0)

Then save and restart the network service using the following command.

#service network restart


#/etc/init.d/network restart 

After completing the above activity check ping is working for both machines.

In my case, my both machine IP addresses are like below.

Production machine IP:
Client machine IP:

Check ping using the following command on both machines.

On production
#ping <client ip> 

On Client

#ping <server ip> 

Now login with oracle user and start your Production machine Database using the following command.

$sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL> startup

Start Listener on a Production machine.

$lsnrctl start
$lsnrctl status

Action On Client Machine

Configure TNS service using NETCA utility or manually with the same name which you configured on Production.

If you did not configure the TNS service on production then follow the same steps on production.


=> naming methods configuration 
=> next 
=> select your naming methods 
=> next 
=>  local net service name configuration 
=> Add 
=> service name [giving server database name suppose it's 'orcl' ] 
=>  next 
=> TCP 
=> host name [sever machine IP] 
=> next 
=>  if you want to check your connection then yes otherwise no 
=> next then FINISH. 

Check tnsping is working or not.

$tnsping <tns service name> 
$tnsping orcl

After completing all steps, Now login into your Database using tns service name on the client machine using the following command.

$sqlplus sys/password@orcl as sysdba

I hope you will get access.

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