How to Uninstall Oracle 18c from Windows

Uninstall Oracle 18c?

Dear friends if you using the windows platform for the Oracle database so I think you know that very well this is not an easy task to uninstall oracle software like other software. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to uninstall oracle 18c from windows manually.

Steps to Remove

Listed below all five-step do carefully.

  1. Delete Environment variable from system property.
  2. Delete windows registries related to Oracle 18c.
  3. Take restart your machine.
  4. Delete the users and groups related to Oracle 18c.
  5. Delete all the binary files from physical locations.

Let’s perform all steps on a production machine.

1. Delete Environment variable from system property

The environment variable is important to delete, because if you are planning to install oracle software again in the feature so you are not facing any error related to environment variables.

Actually, in Environment variables, we set the path of ORACLE_HOME with the bin directory where all important executable files exist.

How to find the Oracle environment variable?

To find the Oracle environment variable just press window+R and type “rundll32.exe sysdm.cpl, EditEnvironmentVariables” or you can paste it directly on cmd prompt it will be open same.

For more details, you can watch my YouTube video added in the last of this post.

Delete all the environment variables which are related to oracle but very carefully, don’t delete other variables otherwise it will affect your system, and make sure only oracle 18c software is installed in your machine if any other oracle software is installed please confirm this variable is not related to it.

2. Delete windows registries related to Oracle 18c

There are two folders that are related to registries, we need to delete them from there. The first folder is related to the Oracle database and the second one is related to oracle services which are running in the background these all services are responsible for the proper work of the Oracle database.

How to open registry editor?

In the registry editor tool, all windows registry available. Open registry editor press the window+R and type “regedit” then hit enter as shown in the below screenshot. After that, the registry editor tool will open in front of you.

Expand “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” then expand “SYSTEM” then “current control set” and then expand “SERVICES” here you find oracle services and delete one by one which is related to oracle 18c.

After completing the above task now expend “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and then expand “SOFTWARE” then find here the oracle folder delete it.

3. Take restart your machine

After successfully completing the above task, then restart your machine.

4. Delete the users and groups related to Oracle 18c

As you remember during the oracle database 18c installation we created a user at the OS level. To uninstall oracle software we need to delete this user and all groups which are related to oracle.

How to open “Local user and group windows

Press window+R and type “lusrmgr.msc” press enter, now a window is open in front of you related to all users and groups. Check the below screenshot.

Once the users and groups window is open, it looks like the below screenshot.

First, you need to open the user’s directory and delete that user which is you created during the oracle database 18c installation. If you successfully completed the above task now open the group’s folder and find oracle services which are started with keywords like “ORA_“.

5. Delete all the binary files from physical locations.

Delete program file from “C” drive and Oracle home folder from another drive where you extract it.

So here you have successfully done Oracle Database 18c Un-installation. Now you can install another version of Oracle if required.

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