Load oracleasm module

In this article we are going to learn how to load oracleasm module or solve if oracleasm not mounted. Some time we face loading module oracleasm failed error.

During creating the ASM disk we are facing the below error

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oracleasm module not loaded or /dev/oracleasm not mounted.

#oracleasm createdisk DATA1 /dev/sdb1

oracleasm module not loaded or /dev/oracleasm not mounted

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How to check oracleasm status

Use below command to check oracleasm status.

#oracleasm status

Checking if ASM is loaded: no
Checking if /dev/oracleasm is mounted: no

Load the oracleasm module

Solution for loading module oracleasm failed. The below command will help you to load oracleasm module.

#oracleasm init

Creating /dev/oracleasm mount point: /dev/oracleasm
Loading module "oracleasm": oracleasm
Configuring "oracleasm" to use device physical block size
Mounting ASMlib driver filesystem: /dev/oracleasm

How to verify the oracleasm configuration

The below steps will help you to verify the oracleasm configuration.

#df -ha |grep -i oracleasm

oracleasmfs                     0     0     0    - /dev/oracleasm

#lsmod | grep oracleasm

oracleasm              61440  1

Now it’s time to Initialize the disks using oracleasm

# oracleasm createdisk DATA1 /dev/sdb1

Writing disk header: done

If still you are facing same error then you should try to reinstall kmod-oracleasm rpm.

#yum install kmod-oracleasm -y

This time you will see the asm disk has been created successfully. Thanks for reading.

loading module oracleasm failed

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