What is MySQL?

What is MySQL, My is the daughter’s name of MySQL’s co-founder, Monty Widenius. The name of My/SQL is the combination of My and SQLMySQL.

What is mysql database

MySQL is a DBMS (database management system) that allows you to manage RDBMS (relational databases). My/SQL is open-source Database software backed by Oracle. It means you can use My/SQL without paying money. In addition, if you want, you can change its source code to fulfill your needs.

If you have to need any support so you can buy a commercial license version of the software from Oracle to get premium support services.

MySQL is very easy to master in comparison with other DB software like Oracle DB, or Microsoft SQL Server.

My/SQL supports various platforms like Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc. You can install it on a server or even on a desktop. In addition, My/SQL is reliable, scalable, and fast database software.

The legal way to pronounce My/SQL is My Ess Que Ell, not My Sequel. However, you can pronounce it whatever you like, who cares?

If you develop any type of website or web application, My/SQL database is a good choice. My/SQL is an important component of the LAMP stack, which includes Apache, Linux, My/SQL, and PHP.

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