Check Datapump dump file is corrupted or not

Check Datapump dump file is corrupted or not

Hi, in this article we are going to learn how to check datapump dump file is corrupted or not. Actually, sometimes we face the situation. We take the export backup a long time back and we are not sure the dump file is still valid or not. Sometimes the application team says the dump file is corrupted which is provided by you.

Check Datapump dump file is corrupted or not

So here is the easiest way to check the dumpfile is corrupted or not. Using the below command we can verify the dump file.

How to import DDL only

$impdp directory=dir dumpfile=scott.dmp logfile=imp_scott.log sqlfile=to_check_corruption_ddl.sql

In the above example, we used the sqlfile parameter. This is never be going to import any data it is just written DDL statements in the file. Which we mention in the command (to_check_corruption_ddl.sql). So it'll read the entire dumpfile and will report if any corruption is deducted.

Use Checksum with expdp

The checksum is also used to check the dumpfile validation. Use the below query to use the checksum.

$ expdp system@ocpdb TABLES=scott.emp directory=dir DUMPFILE=emp.dmp CHECKSUM=yes REUSE_DUMPFILES=yes

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