How to use REMAP_TABLE parameter in impdp utility

remap table

How to Remap table during import?

REMAP TABLE/SCHEMA/TABLESPACE parameter, Like you want to import a table from your existing logical backup (export backup), but the table already exists. So in this situation, how to import that table because, so in this case you can import this table with another name using REMAP_TABLE parameter.

Import Table with Remap

Command will be the same as we use to import a table, just add remap_table parameter as you can see in the following command.

$impdp scott/tiger directory=dir dumpfile=emp.dmp logfile=emp.log tables=emp remap_table=scott.emp:emp_copy

NOTE:- The REMAP_TABLE parameter use two values, the old name of the table along with user name (schema name like scott.emp) and second is the new name of the table, both the names are separated by colons.

Remap Schema

Using Rmap_schema parameter we can import the schema with another name.

impdp scott/tiger directory=dir dumpfile=usr_scott.dmp logfile=usr_scott.log schemas=scott remap_schema=scott:shripal

Remap Tablespace


Hope you understand the REMAP TABLE/SCHEMA/TABLESPACE parameter.

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