How to split the datapump dumpfiles || limit the file size of dumpfile in Datapump

How to set limit the file size of dumpfile in Datapump?

In this article we are going to discuss how to split the datapump dumpfiles, actually, the FILESIZE parameter is used to set limit the dumpfile size. For eg., if you want to limit your dumpfiles to 50m,  you can issue use the below command.

$expdp full=y dumpfile=ocptech_%u.dmp logfile=ocp.log filesize=50m

Note:  The %u will assign numbers automatically from 1 to 99.

Split the Dump Files into multiple files and in multiple directories

Suppose if your DB size is massive (big) or the size targeted data for the export is too high, you can not accommodate the dump file in a single file. Sometimes the OS will not have the funds for leave to enter you to make such big files. Also, the available flavor in one file system or directory is not ample to retain the dump file you can use the FILESIZE parameter to split the dump file into multi pieces and remodel across every choice file system during the export itself.

You can set filesize parameter limits for the dump file size using the below command.

[FILESIZE=integer[B | K | M | G] where B is bytes, K is KB, M is MB and G is GB]

NOTE: You have to create multiple database directories in the database as per your requirement.

You have to use multiple values for the Dump File with the %u option.

$expdp full=y dumpfile=DATA_PUMP_DIR:OCP1_%U.dmp, OCP:OCP2_%U.dmp logfile=ocp.log filesize=700m

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