How to Get DB Link DDL in oracle


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Viewing Information About Database Links

Oracle has three data dictionary views listed below, which help us to find the information about DB links.

View NamePurpose
DBA_DB_LINKSShow the list of all DB Links from the Database.
ALL_DB_LINKSShow the list of all Database links associated with the currently connected user.
USER_DB_LINKSShow the list of all DB Links owned by the connected user.

Extract DDL for oracle DB links

Using the below command we can get DDL from DB links, execute the output of the command.

SQL> set pages 999
SQL> set long 90000
SQL> set lin 120

SQL>SELECT 'SELECT dbms_metadata.get_ddl(''DB_LINK'',''' || db_link || ''',''' || owner || ''') as "Your DB Link DDL here" FROM dual;' AS "Execute below Query for DDL"
FROM dba_db_links WHERE db_link IN ('DB1LINK'); <<-- Enter your DB Link Name

In my case my DB Link name is DB1LINK.

Output from the above query:

Execute below Query for DDL
SELECT dbms_metadata.get_ddl('DB_LINK','DB1LINK','PUBLIC') as "Your DB Link DDL here" FROM dual;

As I executed the above command, it will work perfectly. Check the below screenshot.


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