How to Reconfigure Oracle Restart


Oracle Restart Configuration

In this article, we are going to reconfigure the oracle restart step by step. Why do we need to reconfigure the oracle restart? Actually, in my organization, they rename the server name, if the server is renamed and rebooted the ASM instance failed to show error ORA-29701 unable to connect to cluster synchronization service.

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Steps to Reconfigure Oracle Restart

Step 1. Remove the old Configuration of Oracle Restart, run the below command from the root user.

#$GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -deconfig -force

Successfully deconfigured Oracle Restart stack

Step 2. Reconfigure the Oracle Restart service.


Successfully configured Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server

Step 3. It's time to add ASM back into Oracle Restart. (Run as Grid user)

$srvctl add asm

Step 4. Start the ASM instance using the below query.

$ srvctl start asm

The above command will start the ASM service if the server parameter file exists. If failed to restart so don't worry just make a parameter file and start again.

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Step 5. Recreate the parameter file (/tmp/init+ASM.ora) using below parameters. (As Grid user)


Step 6. Login in ASM instance and mount the diskgroups.

$sqlplus / as sysasm

SQL> alter diskgroup DATA mount;

Diskgroup altered.

SQL> create spfile='+DATA' from pfile='/tmp/init+ASM.ora';

File created.

SQL> show parameter spfile

------ ------ -------------------------------------------------
spfile string +DATA/asm/asmparameterfile/registry.125.6077451

Step 7. Restart the HAS stack

$ crsctl stop has
$ crsctl start has

Note: Add the database, the listener, and other components, back into the Oracle Restart configuration.

Step 8. Add the Database, run the below commands as an ORACLE user.

For 11g

$ srvctl add database -d db_unique_name -o oracle_home

For 12c

$ srvctl add database -db db_unique_name -oraclehome oracle_home

Step 9. Add Listener (run as Grid user)

$ srvctl add listener

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  1. Its not *.pl , Its *.sh

    #$GRID_HOME/crs/install/ –> is Wring
    #$GRID_HOME/crs/install/ –> is correct to Re-configure Oracle Restart

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