Find redo log members, redo log file size and redo log status

In this article, we will show you how to find redo log members, redo log file size, and redo log status using some simple commands.

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Step 1. Find redo log file members and group details.

SQL>col member for a55
SQL>select group#,type,member from v$logfile

Output from above query:

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Step 2. Find Redo log file size using v$log view.

SQL> select group#,thread#,sequence#,bytes/1024/1024 "size in MB",members from v$log;


Step 3. Get result from both query together.

SQL> col "redo file name" for a45
SQL>select,l.thread#,l.sequence#,l.archived,l.status, f.member "redo file name" 
    from v$log l join v$logfile f
    order by l.status;


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