Redhat Linux installation step by step

Redhat Linux installation step by step

Hello Friends in this article I’m going to demonstrate your Linux installation steps, follow all the below steps. Firstly mount your system CD/DVD or ISO and then select installation option then press Enter, follow below screenshot.

Select skip option and then press Enter.

Click on Next

Select your language type and click on Next button.

Then select you country and click on Next button.

Select you storage device and click on Next.

Click on yes, discard any data then Next.

Chose your Hostname then click on Next.

Select your time zone city then Next.

Type your ROOT user password then Next.

Chose create custom layout then Next.

Now make disk partition for Linux operating system then Next.

Create your swap partition and size should be up to 4g then Next.

Now create Root partition (/) and file system type ext4 then Next


Chose Desktop environment then Next.

Now your installation starting.

Now Reboot your PC.

Click on Forward.

Select Yes i agree then forward

Click on Forward

Now if you want to create any user for Linux then you can create here otherwise click on forward. Set your Date Time then forward, Click on Finish.

Now login with Root user which is the admin user of Linux.

Hope you understand these Linux installation steps easily, if you have any query please feel-free write in comment box.

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