How to Remotely Open a GUI Application With PuTTY

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate to you Remotely Open a GUI Application With PuTTY step by step.

Let’s start with how to Remotely Open a GUI Application With PuTTY. There are only a few steps to access GUI tools using a putty-like oracle  DBCA tool.

Step-1. Download a putty software using following link

Step-2. Download second software XMing using the following link

Note:- To download XMing software you need to register on the XMing website, once you have done registration on the XMing website it will send you a confirmation link on your email id, you need to open your email id and confirm it, after that, you will be able to download the XMing software.

After downloading putty and XMing software, now we need to install XMing follow the instructions. Once installation completed then open putty and follow me.

xming installation

Step-3. Start putty do the following settings in putty.

Connection -> SSH

Putty with GUI

Select X11 and click on Enable X11 forwarding.

using GUI with putty

Then go into session tab and take the remote of your machine using IP address, Check below steps.

how do i access putty gui

Now you will be able to use GUI tool using Putty.

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