TNS-00583: Valid Node Checking: Unable To Parse Configuration

ORA 00583


Actually, in today's session I am facing the error TNS-00583 Valid Node Checking first time in my career, and unable to find the proper solution. Then I'm suffering on Google and found one solution on oracle support which I am going to discuss with you. Doc-id 1680353.1

ORA-00031: session marked for kill Solution

I am trying to start Listener using the below command.

$lsnrctl start

And facing the below error.




My sqlnet.ora file containing the below information, it has two errors which I marked.



The solution of TNS-00583 is below.

TNS 00583 is indicated a syntactical error in sqlnet.ora file. In above sqlnet.ora file has two extra spaces which I marked. So remove that spaces from sqlnet.ora file saves and tries to start the listener.

Note:- If the listener still fails to start, then rename the sqlnet.ora file as .bkp file and start the listener. the listener should start indicating corrupt and incorrect in the sqlnet.ora and the best solution is that recreate sqlnet.ora file.

In my case, I just remove the space and save the sqlnet.ora file and the error was removed.

After Change sqlnet.ora


Listener Status

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