Cloning Database Using DBCA

Cloning Database is just a copy of your production Database which is using for testing purposes or you can use any other purpose also, after cloning Database you have the same copy of your production database. For making a Database clone we have many ways.

  • Through backup of the control file.
  • Using DBCA.
  • Through OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).
  • Through RMAN backups.

Start Cloning Database using DBCA with screenshots

1. Run DBCA command on prompt and following steps.

Click on Next.

2. Select Manage Templates option then click on Next button.

Note: Now create a database template and chose if you want to copy all data from an existing database or select structure only option then press Next.

3. Now select your production database name then click on next.

4. Now give a name to your template and then click on Next.

5. Now select convert the file locations to use OFA structure then click on finish.

Now your clone DB template is ready for making new clone Database, Run DBCA command again and chose this template then follow the step to making new Database after completion you can see all data of your production database are present in your clone database.

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