Oracle DataPump Performance Tuning


In this article, we are going to learn datapump performance tuning. The Datapump is a tool that helps us to create a database backup.

There are a few ways to increase export backup performance listed below:



During export backup, if we use direct=y, it's allowed to skip the SQL evaluation buffer.

Though the traditional way send out executes SQL SELECT commands. With a direct way, the information is perused from storage into the database buffer, returning row straightforwardly to the product customer.

PARALLEL with datapump

You can parallelize your export backup to degree cpu_count-1, but it is important to remember to also split to the dump file so that the expdp utility can write to multiple files at the same time.  The %u argument allows Oracle to create multiple dump files, one for each parallel process:

$expdp full=y directory=dir dumpfile=full_%u.dmp parallel=5

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